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Real Predator Control  Would Shoot Hunters

Letters / Juneau Empire / March 28, 2008

What is this mysterious group calling itself Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife, Alaska chapter?

What is their answer to the lack of moose in Game Management Unit 16B? (This is the area north and west of Cook Inlet roughly to Denali - a prime area for Anchorage hunters.)

Ralph Seekins, ex-state senator from Fairbanks and a founder, says they're applying predator control. They're supported by another group called Sportsmen for Habitat.

Frankly, this entire scheme sounds like something dreamed up by a group to the radical left of PETA. Think of the great national and even worldwide publicity: Alaska, where they kill wolves and bears with aerial hunting.

The idea is to use several hundred hunters to wipe out 60 percent of the black bear population, estimated at 1,900, in the area. They will go out in force to bait the bears using dog carcasses, etc., and kill all they find, including cubs and mothers with cubs.

This is sportsmanship? While skulls and hides must be salvaged, the meat can be left.

Have any of these people ever heard of wanton waste? Fair chase? Hunting ethics in general? Why hasn't the Department of Fish and Game shut down moose hunting in the area?

I can hear the campfire talk now. Lots of laughter and awe as the Great White Hunters recount their day's triumph.

"Yeah, that mother was trying to protect her cubs. She was coming at me, but my good ol' Winchester stopped her in her tracks. The cubs just took a couple of shots."

Yep, nothing like the real sportsmen out for a good time. The whole idea makes real Alaskans sick.

Here's an idea - real predator control would shoot the hunters.

Dee Longenbaugh / Juneau

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