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Proposed Black Bear Hunts Reveal Renegade Board of Game

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 30, 2008

It is interesting to see that the private hunting group that wants to help the state kill off our precious black bears is headed up by Ralph Seekins, Mr. Ethics himself ("Hunters team up for baited bear kills," March 11). Whilst a legislator, he introduced legislation to discourage anyone from filing ethics violations against any legislator.

How much sense does it make to indiscriminately kill black bears and cubs that are primarily herbivores anyway?

With engineers on the Board of Game like Bob Bell who told Kneeland Taylor at the board hearings last year that it shouldn't matter to him if wolverine trapping was allowed in Chugach State Park, since he hadn't seen one in 30 years anyway, it's obvious that the Board of Game caters only to guides, hunters and trappers. Considering the number of dogs trapped in Chugach State Park this past winter, it appears the Board of Game is out of control and with the governor's blessing.

Hopefully the Legislature will examine closely Gov. Sarah Palin's SB 176 and HB 256 which will allow indiscriminate predator control policies by the Board of Game without science to back it up.

-- Barbara Winkley

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