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Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / March 30, 2008

To the editor:

Regarding the Loretta Harris letter of March 19 that said wolves and bears could go the way of the dinosaurs and that it hasn't hurt Sweden. If one visits visitsweden.com and searches "Big Six," you discover Sweden's big game: Moose, musk ox, lynx, wolverine, and guess what, wolf and bear.

No animal deserves being wished to extinction so humans can have all the moose and caribou to ourselves. That is selfish thinking. It falls along the lines of letting the polar bear die so oil fields can be sucked dry to keep lining the greedy pockets of the anti-polar bear campaign.

People like Ms. Harris may think animal rights activists are exploiting extinction of species for money, but what about the trappers she is hurting because she wants wolves dead. Some trappers depend on that fur to make a living. And the Native people she mentions that show respect for animals they kill, well a number of them still need wolves and bears around to make blankets and coats to keep their families and themselves warm.

Rising prices of meat, milk and eggs is in direct correlation with rising fuel prices. The use of ethanol is to decrease our dependence on oil, which in turn will lower the price of meat, milk and eggs not to mention gas and the electric bill. If there is concern about lack of food for people, then why not fight to find a better, clean and inexpensive fuel? Do people like Harris despise the environment?

Here is what I ask of those who would hold with Ms. Harris's view. Should you not take your anger out on animals that are fighting to survive. Take that anger out on the waste in America. Teach people not to waste the food they have, because others might be going hungry. Fight to save the bears and wolves, so people that depend on them won't be hurt by their extinction. Search for cleaner ways to fuel this Earth that is not expensive and won't use food sources. It may sound like a lot to ask, but the biggest problem this world faces, is that no one is willing to do the work to save it.

Jessica L. Noble, Fairbanks

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