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Call of the Wild

Terry Carr / Alaska Newsreader / Anchorage Daily News / March  21, 2008

Call of the wild (the digital version). The Howlbox, researchers call it, and it amounts to a speaker-recorder system that blasts wolf howls into remote regions. The idea is to get wild wolves to howl back, essentially taking roll of the wolf population in a region electronically, according to a New York Times story on the research under way with the sound system at the University of Montana in Missoula.

"Tricked by technology, scientists say, wolves will answer what amounts to a roll call triggered by a remotely placed speaker-recorder system ·," according to the story. "Howlbox howls, and the wolves howl back. Spectrogram technology then allows analysis that the human ear could never achieve - how many wolves have responded, and which wolves they are."

( MP3 Listen for yourself: An audio recording of the Howlbox at work, and real wolves responding, accompanies the story.) visit the website


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