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This 'Predator Control' Thing is Getting Way Out of Control

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 21, 2008

In response to the March 11 article "Hunters team up for baited bear kills": A thousand years ago, before politically correct phrases like "predator control" (read: slaughter), one has to wonder how the ratio of black bears to moose in Alaska was kept in balance. Hmmm, can we maybe say ... nature?

Yes, I'm the meat-eating, beer-drinking type of guy that is rampant in our state, and I was born here, but even I can't stomach one of the rules of this so-called "hunt." And I quote, "hides and skulls have to be salvaged and sealed; meat does not." Seems to me that not one of the bears soon to die has a set of moose antlers hanging on the wall of his den. Bears don't kill for sport, they kill for survival. But man, the "intelligent creature," likes to kill for pleasure. I hope my life never gets that empty.

-- Michael Wilber

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