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Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / March 19, 2008

To the editor:

Who needs wolves? Who needs polar bears? Who needs dinosaurs? I'd much rather have the moose and caribou meat on our tables than let the wolves eat it or have them eat our pets and other small animals.

With the price of meat, milk and eggs going through the ceiling because of corn being used for ethanol with its subsequent price increase, many people, especially in the villages, will be unable to afford these items. If Sweden has no predators and has moose meat to sell, why can't we? Is not people having enough to eat more important than saving the wolves?

The wacko animal rights activists have gone too far, and their priorities are screwy. Or is that many of them are exploiting the situation for money? I understand that Priscilla Feral lives in a very upscale neighborhood and Armand Hammer was a very rich man. What's wrong with many of their followers I can't explain.

Don't give me that crap about wolves being noble animals, either. Many Natives and hunters have observed wolves killing just for the fun of it. What's noble about that? Sure many hunters enjoy hunting, but most of them utilize the meat, and that's important for subsidizing food costs. Also moose and caribou are healthier than beef or pork.

So I don't care if wolves, and maybe polar bears, go the way of the dinosaurs. The human race has survived very well without many extinct animals. We will continue to survive if we have enough to eat. Certainly animals should be treated humanely. Native people have a way of showing their respect for animals and don't kill unless it is necessary, as do many hunters. So let's stop the nonsense and manage wild meat populations to feed the human population.

Loretta Harris


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