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Punishment for Game Violations Should be Much More Severe

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 19, 2008

In response to the March 13 article "Poacher gets jail for wave of killing":

Why is it that every time you read about some bozo showing complete disregard for the state's game laws they get a slap on the wrist? It seems that in almost every case, the guilty party is fined, maybe loses his weapon and in extreme cases gets probation or jail time. The worst part is when it is announced that they lose their hunting privileges for a few months or years. This particular case involved indiscriminate slaughter of five animals and 21 game violations. This happens time and time again. It's about time the courts and prosecutors started taking away hunting privileges for life: Evidently the current deterrents are not working.

It's time to get tough on these so-called hunters who have no business in our state.

-- Doug Lyon


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