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Overseers of Animal Resources Can't Say No to Hunting Business

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 16, 2008

The Alaska Board of Game is running wild. It's time to end the state's wildlife killing spree and stop the governor's proposed legislation, which would allow slaughtering the young of other species.

House Bill 256 and Senate Bill 176 will empower the Board of Game to kill predators by any means plus aircraft, without accountability to anyone (especially the public) and for no good reason other than shoveling wildlife down the black hole of "all hunter demand" ("Wildlife management bill goes too far," Mark Richards, March 8).

Alaskans love their wild animals and don't like seeing the wilderness managed like a slaughterhouse. But the state wants to expand aerial wolf-killing, make it legal to shoot bears from aircraft, kill bear cubs and strangle wolf pups in their dens.

A TV ad by the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund is right on target citing "corruption" in the Legislature for twice overturning public initiatives against aerial hunting. The governor's emotional hype about "living off the land" cannot camouflage the fact that killing wild animals for sport is big business in Alaska -- but with the least public oversight of any other resource extraction industry in the state.

-- Rudy Wittshirk

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