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56 Wolves Dead in Alaska... Helicopters to Shoot More

News Blaze / March 12, 2008

At least 56 wolves are dead in Alaska - the latest victims of the state's brutal, unpopular and needless aerial killing program. And the death toll will continue to climb as spring's longer days make it easier to kill wolves using airplanes... and even helicopters.
Worse yet, even as Alaskans prepare to vote in August on aerial gunning, Governor Sarah Palin and the legislature have launched a stealth campaign to maintain this brutal practice.

Alaska's politicians have stooped to new lows in their efforts to kill wolves. With the help of the Alaska Outdoor Council and other lobbyists, Palin and other politicians are quietly pushing bills in the state legislature to deny Alaskans their right to vote on key wildlife issues - bills intended to stop this summer's vote on to limit ending aerial gunning of wolves and bears!
Don't let the lobbyists and their politicians get away it.

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund has launched an all-out campaign with TV ads, radio ads, educational mailers and phone calls to protect the rights of Alaska's voters, especially the more than 56,000 Alaskans who petitioned the state to put aerial gunning on the ballot in August.

These efforts are already making a difference. Since Monday, more than 10,000 Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund supporters from all across the country have emailed their outrage to Governor Sarah Palin over her introduction of these anti-democratic, pro-aerial gunning bills.

And people from all over Alaska are calling and writing their state Representatives and Senators, urging them to oppose these awful bills and let Alaskans decide how their wildlife is to be managed.
But we can't do this without you.

Stop aerial hunting of wolves in Alaska.


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