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Interesting Cobbling-Together of Innuendo and Assumption Presented as Fact

Editorial Response / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / March 12, 2008

(Editorial / Caribou in Trouble / Match 12, 2008)

    Interesting cobbling-together of innuendo and assumption presented as fact. Take the statement, "Yet some may argue that the situation on the Peninsula is not a biological emergency." To date, I have not seen any organization or representative of any come out against this measure. The News-Miner, though, in obedience to the Alaska Outdoors Council, is quite willing to bring up this bogeyman to make it seem as though it has happened. What has been said, and by one group only so far, is they want to look at the data before making any statements.

    Boldly, inaccurately, though, the News-Miner marches on saying, "These objections..." without citing any. How peculiar. Manufacturing the news where there isn't any. How journalistically desperate can one paper become?

    Note, too, that of the groups opposed to aerial hunting, all have always said if there is a biological emergency that is scientifically demonstrable they would not oppose such actions if carried out by F&G personnel. Again, contrary to the innuendo of this editorial, no such objections have been made.

    So what we have here is the News-Miner trying its best to create an atmosphere that does not exist but which will put aerial hunting, it hopes, in a better light (as if that's possible).

    Submitted by: dobieman

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