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Game Board Scales Back Antlerless Moose Hunt

Tim Mowry / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / March 7, 2008

Responding to several Fairbanks moose hunters who complained about the large-scale cow moose hunt in game management unit 20A south of Fairbanks, the Alaska Board of Game on Friday reauthorized a scaled-down version of a controversial antlerless moose hunt for the area.

Instead of aiming for a harvest of 600 antlerless (i.e. cow) moose, as the Department of Fish and Game has done the last four years, the kill quota for this year's hunt will be only 200.

In addition, hunters will be prohibited from shooting any cows accompanied by calves, as well as calves themselves.

The department will also close several areas where high numbers of cows have been harvested in the past four years.

"I'm not totally happy but I'm pacified," Loren 'Shorty' Hite, one of several local hunters who submitted proposals to eliminate the cow hunt, said as he walked out of a conference room Friday at Pike's Waterfront Lodge, where the Game Board is meeting to make changes to trapping and hunting regulations in Interior game management units.

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