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Legislative Showdown for Alaska's Wolves

Alaska Wildlife Alliance / February 28, 2008

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Legislative Showdown for
Alaska's Wolves
HB 256 has made it through three committee hearings and is probably headed to the house floor for a vote in the next few days. This regressive legislation would eliminate the last vestiges of science that the Board of Game would need to consider when implementing predator control.

Bottom line -- politics is in, science is out.

If you believe as we do that predators should be managed with the best available ecosystems-oriented science, then please contact your state representative ASAP to let them know about your opposition to HB 256.

Senate Companion Bill
SB 176 will be heard in Senate Committee in the near future and we hope you will contact your state senator to encourage them to oppose this companion legislation.

Denial of Voter Rights

One possible effect of this repressive legislation would be to take away our right to vote against aerial wolf and bear hunting at the August primary.

The Board of Game, the Alaska Outdoor Council, and a cabala of Juneau legislators are conspiring to take away the voice of Alaskans and exempt themselves from legal scrutiny. They tried this in 2000, and we beat them at the ballot box. It is time to again stand up for our wildlife by opposing this legislation. They refuse to accept that Alaskans have twice voted to stop the unscientific airborne slaughter of Alaska's wolves and now bears. Please implore your state legislators to vote NO! on HB 256 and SB 176.

Please forward this e-mail to those you know who might be interested.

John Toppenberg


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