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Governor Sticks Up for Caribou and Moose

 Editorial / Voice of the Times / January 30, 2008

GOV. SARAH PALIN may not be having much luck in getting Alaska a gas line, but her administration is right on target when it comes to wolves.

Palin is trying to get the Legislature to adopt a measure, House Bill 256,  that simplifies Alaska's predator control laws. There is a hearing today at 1 p.m. in Juneau, at the House Resources Committee.

The Defenders of Wildlife says the measure would strip away standards in the existing program and allow predator control to spread across the state.


It is about time that implementation of predator control policy was clarified. It is good that Alaska's program, with tweaking by this legislation, could be approved and put in place in a timely fashion without having to spend millions in court defending the program against all comers because of technicalities.
Now if we could just figure a way to heat our homes with wolves, we'd be in good shape.


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