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Board of Game Wolf Proposals Wrong Way to Manage Species

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / February 1, 2008

It is "strange" that wolves have recently been accused of exhibiting aggressive behavior toward humans. Except for an occasional attack on humans (usually where feeding of the animals has occurred), wolves are shy and timid and keep to themselves. How convenient for the Board of Game, which is in the business of mismanaging Alaska's wild game to the detriment of not only the animals but all Alaskans!

This group is composed mainly of a few financially well-off white men who believe that wild animals were placed here for the sole purpose for them to kill. I am not talking about your average hunter, either, or subsistence hunters. The board's antics certainly do not benefit average sport hunters. It is creating more and more shortages of certain species, which upsets the balance of nature.

Now it wants to allow entire wolf families to be slaughtered in their dens with Proposal 41. Proposal 42 will permit baiting of wolves and Proposal 41 will allow mother bears and their cubs to be killed. Well, that goes along with the stupidity of having moose cow and calf hunts for the last several years. Nothing like depleting the species (moose) and blaming it on the dead wolves and bears!

-- Sandra Sedwarft

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