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Governor Palin Cuts Alaskans Out of the Picture

  Tom Banks / Defenders of Wildlife / January 24, 2008



Endangered Public Input?


Governor Palin is pushing legislation that flouts the will of Alaskan voters and paves the way for a rapid expansion of predator control programs across large portions of our state.

On January 30th, there will be an important committee hearing on this bill. 

Help spread the word about this important action.  Forward this message to others who believe that our state should have wildlife management policies that reflect the pride Alaskans feel for our wildlifeŠ

Dear Friends,


Governor Palin wants to make a bad law worse, cutting the public out of key decisions and making it even easier to kill brown bears, wolverines and wolves from airplanes in large areas of our state.

Instead of respecting the will of the people of Alaska -- who have twice voted to restrict aerial gunning of wolves -- or listening to the concerns of scientists and conservationists, Governor Palin has introduced a bill that would eliminate the few remaining standards governing predator control in our state. 

Help send a strong message that Alaskans don't support politically-motivated changes to our wildlife laws.  There are several different ways you can stand up for science-based wildlife management and make your voice heard on this important issue.  Click here to learn more!

The pending legislation, House Bill 256 (HB 256), adds brown bears and wolverines to the list of species that can be targeted by aerial gunning and casts public input and science off to the side. 

This bill would leave all decisions about using planes to manage Alaska's wildlife to the complete discretion of the Board of Game -- a group of political appointees that consistently favors hunting and trapping above all other uses and values of wildlife, regardless of scientific evidence or public opinion to the contrary. 

This bill will go before the Alaska House Resources Committee on January 30th -- and the members of this committee need to hear from you before they make up their minds on this important issue.  Click here to learn more about what you can do to help.

The Board of Game's policies have been used to thwart the will of Alaskan citizens by allowing aerial hunting of wolves and permitting private gunners to carry out work that should be handled by professionals. These misguided policies aim to artificially and unsustainably boost game populations -- and cost Alaskans millions of dollars.


This is outrageous, but it's true. 

Governor Palin, rather than correcting the mistakes made by former Governor Frank Murkowski (who ignored the wishes of the majority of Alaskans that twice voted against using airplanes to kill wolves and other predators), has followed in his footsteps -- speaking out in strong favor of aerial predator control and announcing her intention to expand these practices and flout the will of the people once again. 


Alaska needs wildlife management laws that promote effective, science-based, and economically feasible wildlife planning and take Alaska's diverse wildlife and the views of all Alaskans -- not just the big game sport hunters -- into account.

I hope you will defend your right to be included in the decision-making process when it comes to Alaska's wildlife and make your voice heard on this important issue today.



action.defenders./1CE82552.jpgTom Banks
Alaska Representative
Defenders of Wildlife

P.S. There's an important Board of Game meeting in Anchorage coming up this January 25-28th.  If you live in the Anchorage area, I hoe you'll attend as much as you can, listen, and show your support for wildlife conservation!

Send me an email if you're interested in attending.  I will be testifying at the hearing, so be sure to look for me there!

When: The meeting begins on Friday, January 25th at 8:30 a.m. and will run through late afternoon each day through Monday, January 28th.  Where: The Coast International Inn (just north of International Airport Road and just west of Spenard)

Click here to see a full agenda for the Board of Game meeting (pdf).


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