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Extremists are Grossly Misguided Regarding Global Warming Issue

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / January 23, 2008

This is a strange time we are living in. For the past seven years a polar cap has been melting on the planet Mars. There is no human activity on Mars to cause global warming there. There is something bigger than what's going on on Earth happening. This warming has happened before.

Some people are misguided, trying to use fear to stop any kind of human activity that they feel is causing global warming. We are seeing changes, such as a huge increase in wolves which are decimating the moose population. We don't hear those extremists say, "Save the moose." People who live here are being driven into poverty with the loss of an important food source. It is the same way with people who don't want to drill for more oil so we won't have to pay so much for our energy, which is in abundance. It brings to mind how some extremists even put their reverence for wolves over human life when packs of wolves were attacking people's dogs in Anchorage.

This is indeed a strange time we are living in. We need to be reasonable and look at the big picture before we fall into the panic that some extremists seem to be in.

-- Herman W. Morgan

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