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Writer's Defense of State Control of Wolves Flawed on Many Counts

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / January 19, 2008

The letter "Let the state manage wolf, moose populations; all others back off" (Dec. 17), stating that the state manages wolf populations scientifically, is wrong. On Sept. 26, 2007, professional wildlife biologists, including several Alaskans, submitted a letter to Gov. Sarah Palin denouncing the present wolf-killing program as unwarranted and unscientific.

The writer claims we do not have wild fluctuations of moose and wolf populations under such management. He ignores factors such as snow depth, forage quality and availability, competition between the moose populations for that forage, and many other aspects of survival that cause considerable fluctuation.

The writer also states moose numbers are low, yet within the Interior a cow hunt was recently held and a calf hunt also opened.

Finally, the writer states nobody wants to kill off the wolves. Trapping is widespread as is hunting; even aerial hunting is strongly supported by the state and under way for another season despite two public votes by Alaskans to abolish it. Wolves are being killed in large numbers throughout Alaska.

The Alaska Outdoor Council strongly supports these efforts and has worked to increase the killing of wolves and bears wherever possible as evidenced by its Web site and actions.

If this continues, eventually Alaska will be just like the other states, a shadow of its former wilderness.

-- Art Greenwalt


EDITOR'S NOTE: The writer is an official with a wildlife advocacy organization.

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