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Reindeer Race Need Not be Painful for Anyone Except Human Beings

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / January 16, 2008

Alaska will suffer worldwide embarrassment if the reindeer just stand instead of run with the 500 men and 500 women at Fur Rondy's Running of the Reindeer event.

Let's live-trap a wolf by putting a poodle inside a protective wire cage inside the larger wolf trap.

Biologist Rick Sinnott can jog outside the trap ready to dart the first wolf, which he would later wake up after it is on the end of a heavy-duty retractable dog leash held by Rondy personality Cary Carrigan.

Carrigan would let the muzzled wolf pursue the reindeer toward the people being photographed by worldwide media.

After the reindeer are safe and trampled people are hospitalized, Carrigan can release the wolf on the spot since it lives in Anchorage and can walk home.

People might be maimed and bloodied but no wolf, poodle, or reindeer need be hurt. A perfect politically correct ending.

-- Pete Kinneen

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