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Dog Owners, Be Responsible -- and Focus on More Than Wolves

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / January 15, 2008

Don't we have anything better to do than persecute wolves? The owners of the killed dogs should take responsibility for their pets by keeping them on a leash, especially in Alaska.

Your dog might be caught in a trap, like mine was. Be a responsible pet owner. If you don't like wildlife, then move down to the Lower 48 to live. There are plenty of concrete shopping malls you could walk your dog near and I guarantee you will not see a moose, bear, wolf or trap.

I have plenty of suggestions for what we Alaskans could focus on besides wolves.

1. Thousands of African people are dying of AIDS daily.

2. Over 12 million African children are orphaned from AIDS and need a loving home.

3. Global warming will devour the planet if we continue to ignore it.

4. The war in Iraq is taking many innocent lives and billions of dollars weekly.

5. One hundred thousand children in America are living in foster care homes waiting for a permanent home.

6. Over 70 percent of our brothers and sisters live in severe poverty worldwide.

As a state, let's change our image from wolf killer to humanitarian hero. The list above should keep you pretty occupied.

-- Suzanne Moore

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