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Villagers Want to Kill Wolf Pups, Bear Cubs

Alaska Newsreader / Anchorage Daily News / January 18, 2008

Arguing that wolf numbers are increasing and moose numbers are dropping, residents along the Kuskokwim River want game managers "to resurrect an ancient form of predator control - killing pups in their dens," a story in The Tundra Drums says. The residents - who, according to the story, also want to legalize the killing of bear cubs in dens - contend aggressive measures of predator control are needed so moose can flourish like they used to.

"It was the best moose habitat in the country and it's almost totally gone now," said Greg Roczicka, natural resources director with Orutsaramuit Native Council in Bethel. "We want to do everything we can to get moose numbers up back to the way they were."

The Alaska Wildlife Alliance quickly pounced on the proposal, calling the killing of wolf pups in their dens "a Stone Age concept of wildlife management and has no place as a management tool for civilized people. It's just barbaric."

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