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Humans Insist on Exploiting Other Species, All for 'Fun' and Profit

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / January 12, 2008

The stupidity of human beings never ceases to amaze me. I would think that Bob Lester would be embarrassed to take credit for the Running of the Reindeer event to be held during Fur Rondy ("Fur Rondy to debut shoulder-antlers racing event," Jan. 3). The callous disregard of these animals defies logic. Shame on Tom Williams, who would allow his domesticated reindeer to be exploited in such a manner. I hope his prediction that they will be too "docile" is in fact true.

Imagine if you will, reindeer (placed totally out of their element) on downtown Anchorage streets lined by hundreds of cheering spectators being chased by at least 40 people who have already signed up. I laughed when I read that their antlers and hoofs are soft. Tell that to the spectator that is kicked in the head inadvertently as the frightened animal tries to escape the humans that are chasing it.

Why do we as a so-called evolved species take pleasure in the exploitation of other species? I suppose it is for our amusement and, of course, for profit. I am sure that there are others who find this Fur Rondy event as repugnant as I do. I hope the editorial page is flooded with their letters because we as humane beings must behave as such and be their voice.

-- Toni Faubion-Truesdell

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