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Hunters Carry 150 Pounds, Leave 1,500 Pounds to Rot

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / January 9, 2008

I was completely disgusted to see the article in the Jan. 6 Outdoors section about the killing of the Kodiak bear ("Big time"). I could barely stomach the details of the men awaking the bear from its slumber to shoot it dead, let alone the story of the men toiling to carry the hide out. Could I possibly feel sympathetic for guide Jake Jefferson or hunter John Pomazi, who went through the "body-straining chore" of carrying out a mere 150 pounds of skin and hair while the remaining 1,500 pounds of carcass was left behind?

Hunting an animal solely for the hide and bragging rights is a blatant slap in the face of cultures that have subsistence hunted for thousands of years. It casts a shadow on those who hunt because their survival depends on it, and who hunt with a great reverence for the animal and their own oneness with nature.

Allow me to extend a huge "BOO!" to Craig Medred for publicizing the event with a prominent article and a truly sickening series of photos.

-- Paul Hanis
Eagle River

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