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Board of Game Proposal Comments

- Comments Due This Friday, January 11, 2008 -

Alaska Wildlife Alliance / January 8, 2008

Alaska Wildlife Alliance member comments are solicited and due on or before Friday, January 11, 2008. The Board of Game will not accept e-mailed comments. However, you may email your comments directly to the Alaska Wildlife Alliance at info@akwildlife.org before 3:00 PM Friday, January 11th. We will print these out and hand deliver them to the Board of Game on Friday afternoon. Please pick out any or all among the following proposals that we feel are the most important and give the BOG your perspective:


59 This proposal would limit the size and types of traps used in Chugach State Park. The intent is to prevent wolverines, which have long been protected in this Park, from being trapped. Park users dog safety is among the concerns if these large traps are allowed. 60 This proposal would create a 5-mile buffer zone that would prevent trapping in the vicinity of roads and trail heads in Chugach State Park. The intent is to protect Park visitors and their pets and affect some level of protection for wolverines in that designated portion of the Park.

76 This proposal was submitted by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and should cut down on the abuses inherent in the killing of primarily bears in defense of life and property. It would require a series of responsible actions on the part of anyone killing any game taken in defense of life and property.


3 This far-ranging proposal would expand the area where hunters can fly in and shoot black bears on the same day they are airborne. Currently, this is only allowed in limited "predator control" areas. This proposal further sanctions the use of bait or scent lures and allows hunters to shoot bears as close as 300 feet from their aircraft. It also clearly violates accepted ethical standards of fair chase.

40 This egregious proposal would sanction the killing of mother bears AND their cubs in various regions totaling over 60,000 square miles. This proposal lacks any biological justification and would destroy the next generation of bears or lead to orphaned cubs presenting further ethical concerns and probable starvation.

41 This proposal would sanction a practice known as "denning," which would allow the killing of wolf pups in their dens and would allow extremely unethical hunting that has been outlawed, with good reason, for many years. It would also extend wolf hunting season to May 31st, when pups are out of the den, and extend the bag limit to 10 wolves per day. It would also likely kill adult wolves, orphaning newborn wolf pups and condemning them to starvation.

42 This proposal would permit the baiting of wolves statewide, a practice currently not allowed except when trapping. The introduction of artificial/garbage bait stations in Alaska's wild places has no place in the ethical management of wildlife. This would also habituate wolves to seek out human food sources, creating obvious additional management problems.

Please forward this e-mail to those you know who might be interested.

Thank you for caring about Alaska's wildlife,

John Toppenberg

Alaska Wildlife Alliance
PO Box 202022
Anchorage, AK 99520-2022



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