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Wolf Predation of Dogs has Long Been a Part of Living in Alaska

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / January 8, 2008

It seems that there are a lot of people fretting about wolves in the Anchorage area. Wolves have been around a long time eating dogs and each other. Arctic explorers were harassed by wolves that killed their sled dogs. Diamond Jenness was bitten on his arm by a wolf while defending his dogs. Now there are few wolves in the Arctic; however there are many in the Anchorage area.

My two dogs were killed by wolves in 1998, 12 miles up Eagle River from the Eagle River Nature Center. I did not report the loss to Fish and Game, nor did I fret about the incident since the pedigree dogs really belonged to my daughter. I live in Alaska and have accepted the rather routine happenings: wolves killing dogs, encounters with porcupines, and a dog caught in a Conibear trap. I am perhaps irresponsible because I let the dogs run uncontrolled, provided they don't chase wild animals.

-- Dick Griffith

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