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Trapper to Target Wolves

Terry Carr / Alaska Newsreader / Anchorage Daily News / January 3, 2008

Trapper to target wolves. An effort is in the works to go after wolves that could have been involved in the recent dog attacks in the Anchorage area, according to a KTUU Channel 2 story. The theory is, according to the story, that nailing one or two of the animals in traps will be enough to discourage future attacks.

Three dogs have died in wolf attacks over the past month, the state Department of Fish and Game says. The KTUU story notes that the limited trapping tactic appeared to work in curtailing a series of wolf attacks 13 years ago.

The story says that Eklutna Native Corp. has agreed to open its land between Eagle River and Mat-Su to the trapping effort. Corporation officials, though, are requiring that notices be posted and residents be kept informed of what's going on.

Meanwhile, a Fairbanks Daily News-Miner story today says that wolf activity in that part of the state has eased. There have been no reported sightings in two weeks, according to Fish and Game. The Chena Hot Springs Road-Two Rivers area has had three dog killings attributed to wolves.

"I don't believe the wolves are gone; they're probably still around in that general area," said Tom Seaton, assistant area biologist for Fairbanks. "Maybe they got on a couple of moose kills somewhere off the road system and have been hunkered down there."

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