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Palin Needs to Tell Us Where She Got Her Wrong Data on Polar Bears

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / January 3, 2007

Hats off to Kassie Siegel for her Dec. 24 Compass piece, "Governor has wrong information on polar bears' plight," and also to the letter writer who wrote on the same topic ("Informed sources disagree with Palin about polar bears," Dec. 26).

The most striking thing about Gov. Palin's Dec. 18 piece ("Alaska takes seriously its job of protecting polar bears") was that her assertion that the polar bear population is stable was completely unattributed! Even though she is the governor, she gave no source at all for that information -- which is, in fact, incorrect. The bottom line is this: A fair share of oil revenue and a gas line may be important, but Alaska is on the front lines of truly dangerous worldwide global warming, which will cause the loss of many things which, once lost, will not return, and endanger human survival on the planet as well.

Standing up to the oil companies includes urgent efforts to protect Alaska from the Arctic meltdown that is occurring, even if it means fewer new offshore oil leases or doing them differently. Palin's popularity (or not) with our family begins and ends with this issue.

-- Jean Kollantai

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