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Neighbors, Not Neighbors' Dogs, Seem to be Writer's Real Problem

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / January 2, 2007

It's easy to understand from Jerome Montague's diatribe of Dec. 23 ("When yappy dogs are devoured, let's raise 3 cheers for the wolves") against yapping dogs in his neighborhood why dogs growl at him "in his own yard." But his convoluted reasoning for offering a bounty to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and biologist Rick Sinnott for wolf-killed dogs in the Eagle River Valley is completely ludicrous and unreasonable.

I too value wolves. But since my dogs don't live in his neighborhood (thank God) and have never ever yapped, I resent his statements. Sounds like Montague has more of a neighbor problem than dog problem. He should probably look in his own yard first.

-- Carol R. Hepler
Eagle River

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