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It Can Be Hammered in Stone: These 10 Things Will Never Be Said

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / December 28, 2007

Ten things I will most likely not hear in my lifetime:

1. Carol Comeau say: The Anchorage School District has all the money it needs.

2. Teachers' union say: We got a contract we feel is fair, and we deserve.

3. Mark Begich say: I will not run for any higher office.

4. The Legislature say: We need fewer laws that protect us from ourselves.

5. The Sierra Club say: It's OK to cut down one tree and build one road.

6. Friends of Animals say: There is a large enough no-hunting buffer around our parks to protect the wildlife within.

7. Les Gara say: All of our sins have been taxed to the limit.

8. The Tobacco Control Alliance say: It's OK to smoke in your own house with the windows open.

9. Paul Joslin say: Aerial predator control is not the same as wolf hunting.

And last, but by no means least:

10. Sarah Palin say: Thanks to AGIA, the gas pipeline is fully operational.

-- Bill Schorr

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