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Worst:  Sucky Year for Alaska's Wildlife

Anchorage Press / December 27, 2007

It was pretty much a sucky year all around for Alaska's wildlife. First polar bears were recommended for the Endangered Species list (a subsequent study shows they may be gone from Alaska before the mid-century mark). Then Cook Inlet Belugas, and a handful of bird species followed suit. Still, pretty much no one in Alaska wants to accept these new statuses (decisions will be handed down early in 2008) and the restrictions they might entail. Add to that the state's first ever mercury advisory for large fish like halibut, ongoing acrimony over the aerial wolf hunt and a stealth decision to allow wolverine trapping just outside of town, and it was a bad year to be a finned, feathered or furry creature in Alaska.

At least the wolves are having a field day right about now, but that's not really good news either.

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