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Recognize We Live with Wildlife; When Outside, Keep Dogs Close

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / December 24, 2007

Judging by the recent hysteria and calls for the extermination of any wildlife that poses a threat to our possessions or selves, it appears that much of our population who once understood and embraced the unique animals and wilds found only in Alaska has been replaced (perhaps by aliens) with some people who might be better suited for life in Seattle or Phoenix. We are the luckiest of Americans to live in a place that offers such incredible natural diversity, often in our own backyards, and any slight risks that come with it are part of the package.

Let's save the hysteria for the far greater dangers brought to us by the Lower 48 culture such as gangs and drugs, and exterminate those instead. In the meantime, bring dogs inside at night and keep them close by when venturing out. Same suggestions could probably apply to children if needed.

-- John M. Zebutis

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