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State Sets Up Wolf Information Line

Associated Press / December 21, 2007

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (AP) - The state Department of Fish and Game has established a hot line and e-mail mailing list to keep local residents up-to-date on the wolf front in Two Rivers and North Pole, or any other populated areas where wolves are spotted.

The hot line number is 907-459-7308. Officials say it will be updated each time the department gets a new report of a verified sighting or incident.

The department also is creating a mailing list or listserv on the Internet so people can become subscribers and post their own versions of wolf activity around Fairbanks that can be sent to other subscribers.

A pack of wolves is believed to have killed and eaten at least three dogs in the Two Rivers/east North Pole area in the past two months.

Several residents in both areas also have reported wolf sightings, tracks and howling during that time.

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