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Wolves Attack Dogs

Steve O'Brien / CBS / KTVA-TV  / December 11, 2007

This late snow we're having may be a factor in the recent wolf attacks. What is usually mainly contained to villages and towns in Fairbanks, has now hit Anchorage.

So why are these wolf attacks happening so close to home?

It's no surprise that Anchorage has been getting snow later than usual. Because of that, wildlife biologists speculate wolves aren't able to prey on moose like they're used to. Instead, family pets have become the prey.

You see something like this almost every day: owners and their dogs together, but without a leash. Wildlife officials say that's dangerous, especially at night, because dogs can wander off. So the main message that they are delivering is... Keep an eye on your pets at all times.

Rick Sinnott of Department of Fish and Game

Because of the lack of snow, wolves appear to be having trouble finding their moose.

"Dragging a moose down with your teeth is dangerous business. If they just happen upon a dog that seems pretty vulnerable, they'll kill it. Just like they would kill a fox or coyote, or maybe even a wolf from a different pack," said Rick Sinnott of Department of Fish and Game.

Two weeks ago, three dogs were attacked in Eklutna, Chugiak and Eagle River. All were without leashes. Two were killed and one other survived. Now one woman is hoping the message spreads across the city.

"I don't think we need to go on a wolf hunt, or anything like that. But unless it's something specific. If there's one lone wolf that's coming into people's backyards, that's a whole different story. But I think the public needs to know, so we can be vigilant," said Lisa Hubert, whose dog was killed by a wolf.

But Hubert's viewpoint is not shared up in Fairbanks. There, three dogs have been killed. Some residents are calling on the city to trap the wolves, even kill them.

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