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Contenders for the Bad Taste Award / U.S. Representative Don Young (R-AK)

Alaskan Abroad / December 11, 2007

Yes, that's what you think it is.

U.S. Rep. Don Young is fighting fire with fire. Young sent out this photo of a dog eaten by wolves in Idaho along with a press release blasting California Democratic Rep. George Miller's efforts to ban aerial wolf hunting in Alaska. (You have to wonder where the heck the dog's owner was if the wolves had enough time to do such a good job?)

While this photo is bad, down in Washington, D.C., we've had to look at this Defenders of Wildlife ad for months now.

Here's what Young sent out today in response to the "Wolves are Cute Act." (OK, that's not the real name of HB 3663, but that's how Young's staff are referring to it.)

This is what wolves did to a dog in Idaho. And that's exactly what wolves do to pet dogs in Alaska. In the few short months since Rep. George Miller introduced H.R. 3663, "The Wolves Are Cute Act," to ban Alaska's Predator Control Program, nine dogs have been killed and eaten by wolves. Just last week, Alaska resident Bill Blizzard described what predatory wolves did to his 11-year-old Labrador/Chesapeake Bay retriever mix, Chesie:

"All there was was a couple chunks of collar sitting on top of three or four pieces of intestine," said Blizzard of what remained of his 70-pound pet. "Everything is gone. It looks like they ate her right there."

These facts aren't pretty, but they're facts, and should Rep. Miller's bill become law, more dogs will meet Chesie's tragic fate. More importantly, however, H.R. 3663 will take food out of the mouths of thousands of rural and Native Alaskans.

An overabundance of unmanaged Arctic Grey Wolves poses a direct threat to the moose, caribou, and other wildlife populations on which rural and Native Alaskans have survived for hundreds of years. The state's predator control program minimizes this threat, while maintaining a healthy, viable, reproductive wolf population.

Unfortunately, George Miller's bill would eliminate this Program, and steal the food out of the mouths of thousands of rural and Native Alaskans. In doing so, Rep. Miller and his animal rights activist friends are placing wildlife ahead of the needs of real human beings, and they would like you to do the same.

Sheesh, how come I think this is going to get me yelled at by more crazed environmentalists? If you think this is bad, you should see the photo of the baby bowhead whale that I'm not posting.

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