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Public Meeting Held Over Wolf Pack

Associated Press / December 10, 2007

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (AP) - The Department of Fish and Game held a public meeting in Fairbanks last (Sunday) night to share information on recent wolf attacks east of town.

Concerns over the threat of wolves are running high between Chena Hot Springs Road and North Pole.

That's where officials and homeowners say wolves have attacked four dogs, killing three, in the last six weeks.

Chena Hot Springs Road resident Bill Blizzard owned 1 of the dogs killed by wolves. At the public meeting, Blizzard said it's time for locals and the state to work together to take out the wolves.

Others promoted a large scale trapping effort, reporting that traps and snares have already been set widely across the area. Local dog mushers, like Brendan Wolff, expressed concern about trapping along popular recreation trails.

Others urged people to protect their pets and supervise young children outdoors.

Fish and Game Regional Wildlife supervisor David James says any aerial kill effort must be approved by the Commissioner's office.

Local officials pledged to stay in close communications with residents on the issue.

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