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Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / December 10, 2007

To the editor:

Concerning the Monday article about wolf attacks, I was unaware that "scavaging" could be done to a dog in the middle of the night, only to the gut sack, not the eyes, face or other areas, not by ravens or small animals and yet leave wolf prints and hair all over the scene of death.

Do you know something Fish & Game doesn't? I'm not sure the man who gave (the owners) the dog's collar could have been more clear about finding the dog eviscerated on the side of the road.

Do dog-killing drivers do this to destroy evidence? Gosh! Maybe it was those precious little squirrel-eating, furry, giant city-lovers' wild overgrown puppies roaming and looking for a few good bunny-huggers to keep them fed!

Wolves are wild! Duh, people! You want to trap or relocate them? Remember wolves were indigenous to Central Park. Relocate them? OK!

By the way, I don't recall ever seeing or hearing a pack of wolves standing under trees waiting for a squirrel to fall. Do they climb?

Just wondering.

Teresa Schwietert

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