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Aerial Moose Hunting in Tanana Flats?

Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / December 1, 2007

To the editor:

My wife is 50 feet up a spruce tree, slowly coaxing a large bull moose into rifle range.

The flooded creek allows an airboat to cross into the meadow where my wife is calling in "her" bull. Suddenly, the airboat spots the bull, roars up to about 25 feet from the moose. Bang! The bull drops.

The "hunters" jump out of the airboat. The bull staggers to its feet and begins to flee. The "hunters" jump back into their craft and chase the bull down for the second time. Bang! Success after a hard stalk.

Is this hunting? Is this legal?

Two hours later, a yellow plane without numbers lands on the tundra trail and drops off more "hunters." Several hours later, they shoot a nice three-brow-tine bull from a small birch tree stand. I believe this is defined as same-day-as-airborne hunting.

Both of the above incidents were witnessed by several other hunters. Both incidents were illegal. The airboat was still under power while shooting, and the airplane violated the same-day rule.

Just another day of "harvesting" moose on the Tanana Flats in 2007.

Jerry Knoll
Two Rivers

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