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Moose Mismanagement

Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / November 13, 2007


To the editor:

This is in reply to a letter dated Oct. 30 on "Moose management" covering most of the Interior by Donald Fitzwater.

How can killing a bull after it has shed its antlers be a population control measure if there is a antler restriction on that same bull in September?

Those of us who remember the early to mid-'70s recall 30-day or longer seasons until after a few November any-sex seasons, then suddenly Fish & Game counts hit very low levels, and the season was reduced to 15 days.

Everyone who we talk with that spends a lot of the season in the field is seeing a big drop in the moose population That should cause concern. Also with the recent GVEA and Clear fires, browse is and never has been an issue.

Here's hoping the true sportsmen of the Tanana Valley rally and get these winter hunts stopped before we face low populations and a 15-day season again.

Jerry Sanders

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