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John Toppenberg / Alaska Wildlife Alliance / November 15, 2007


Alaska Wildlife Alliance

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Thanks to a heartfelt contribution from the estate a devoted wildlife lover, the Alaska Wildlife Alliance has established the Beth J. Schirmer Bear and Wolf Preservation Fund. This fund will help stop the relentless decimation of Alaska's bear and wolf populations. While the Alaska Wildlife Alliance's mission is to protect all of Alaska's wildlife, this fund focuses on two revered species.

“Beth encountered many difficulties over the course of her life, some tragic. She had, however, a sensitive, humor-filled soul which found full expression in her love of animals. She would feel a profound sense of honor and hope to know that her legacy is being used to protect Alaska 's bears and wolves.”
        –Katherine Hoak of New York (Beth's mother)

Last spring, the Alaska Wildlife Alliance was instrumental in stopping a hunt in the McNeil River Bear Sanctuary. An on-going threat to these same bears remains in the adjacent Katmai Preserve. For documentation on the brutality of this hunt, please see this video by Daniel Zatz.
        CAUTION: This footage shows a human tolerant bear being wounded by an arrow and killed by gunfire at close range. It may not be suitable for all viewers, but it does graphically demonstrate the need for their protection. With your help we can continue the fight to save these habituated bears.
No species in Alaska is more imperiled than our wolves. We are about to embark on the most difficult initiative in our history to once again stop airborne wolf killing. Alaskans have twice before voted with us on this issue only to twice have the state legislature overturn the decision. Concurrently, we are pursuing an initiative to change the composition of Alaska's Board of Game to a Board of Wildlife. If this is successful, the Alaska state legislature and Board of Wildlife should then acknowledge the will of the voters to protect our wolves from airborne killing forever.
The Alaska Wildlife Alliance cannot continue the fight to protect Alaska's bears and wolves without your support. Donate now to the Beth J. Schirmer Bear and Wolf Preservation Fund. Your contributions will help stop the shortsighted mismanagement of Alaska's wildlife.
We invite you to join Katherine with a donation in Beth's memory to this important fund, and please remember Alaska's wildlife when charting your own legacy.
As a warm bear-hug thank you:
  • All donations of $50     or more will receive a
    FREE “Wild Bears, Wild Food” t-shirt as designed by bear lover extraordinaire Kathy Sarns!
    (please specify S-M-L-XL)        
  • All donations of $100 or more will receive a FREE “Wild Bears, Wild Food” t-shirt as designed by bear lover extraordinaire Kathy Sarns AND Roger Kaye's exceptional hardcover book about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Last Great Wilderness (while supplies last!).        
Please forward this message to others who care about Alaska's wildlife.
Thank you for your commitment to Alaska's Wildlife,
John Toppenberg
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