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Wolves Kill Dog Near North Pole

The Associated Press / KTUU-TV / November 1, 2007

FAIRBANKS, Alaska -- There's been another wolf attack on dogs.    

The latest occurred yesterday near North Pole and comes a week after a pack of wolves killed six sled dogs in the Yukon River community of Marshall. Residents killed one of the dogs there, and the wolf has tested positive for rabies.    

In the unrelated incident in North Pole, a pack of wolves killed and ate a dog in North Pole early yesterday.    

State officials said it appears to be a chance encounter between the wolves and the dog, a 15-year-old black Lab mix named Shilo.    

Owners Ed and Teresa Lesage always let their dogs out in the early morning. But yesterday, dogs in the neighborhood were barking shortly after he let Shilo and their 4-year-old Husky out.    

His wife checked on their dogs, and found Shilo dead and half-eaten at the edge of Chena Lake, about 50 yards from their house.    

State wildlife biologists Don Young and Tom Seaton inspected the kill site at first light.

They estimated there were five wolves in the pack and it doesn't appear the killing was premeditated.    

It wasn't known if the wolves stayed in the area, but Young advised residents to keep a close eye on their pets and children when they're outside.

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