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Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / October 30, 2007


To the editor:

I was just reviewing the hunting report in the paper that showed a very low percentage of cows taken in relation to quotas for each zone.

Also, the "any bull" permit for unit 20 was only 94 out of 500 or about 20 percent.

With all the moose overrunning the area and about to starve, because of lack of food, why are we harvesting fewer moose? Maybe we should burn or allow to burn more of the flats to improve the habitat? Could it be we don't have as many moose as we are being told? Have we shot more cows than we should? Are we repeating the '70s when we overkilled, had our seasons cut back and finally antler restrictions put in place?

Our hunting group has hunted the flats for 35 years. I have seen fewer moose the last two years than any other time.

Even flying to the camp, there are maybe one or two moose, when in previous years we would see a least six to eight each way.

Hunting moose in November and later puts stress on the pregnant cows, especially when chased by snowmachines. Killing a cow is just not one animal but usually one or two fetuses also. Don't bulls lose their antlers in November or December? How do you tell a bull from a cow in the brush? Hunting until February just doesn't make any sense. I would like to know how, when and where biologist (?) Don Young gets his information and counts to justify killing all the cows.

It is time to put a stop to this poor management policy. No rancher would ever deplete his basic breeding stock, unless he was going out of business. Is this where we are headed?

LeRoy Wiedeman


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