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Slaughter of Wolves and Bears in Alaska Must Come to an End

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / October 15, 2007


After living in Alaska for four decades, I love the state and almost all that if offers. However ,one feature of the state that I despise is the ugly resurgence of blood lust that gained momentum during the Murkowski administration and continues to date.

The blood lust is glaringly evident in the slaughter of wolves from aircraft, and now a large increase in the killing of human-habituated bears of Katmai ("Cameras show Katmai bear kills," Oct. 6). Why do these bloodthirsty human killers use high-powered rifles to blast the life out of unsuspecting human-trusting bears? There are only two motives that I can come up with. The first is to have photos made with his gun and the bloody head of a dead bear in a pathetic attempt to prove to his friends that he is indeed manly, and the second must be that he is desperately trying to compensate for something more private. We, the people of Alaska, must stop this idiocy.

---- Jesse Owens


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