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Let Palin Know How You Want Money Spent

Letters / Peninsula Clarion / October 20, 2007


It's amazing how Sarah Palin can cut educational funding to our children with one hand while with the other she expends nearly half a million dollars on behalf of the Board of Game's efforts to wipe out wolves in Alaska.

They will claim it's but a small percentage killed, but added to the numbers taken by hunters, the large number taken by trappers, and the many whose deaths go unreported, that percentage becomes significant.

Bear in mind as this "educational" effort commences that for over tens of thousands of years the wolves, moose and caribou have existed in a general balance and abundance. The harvest quota of caribou on the Taylor Highway was filled in only three days this year.

Fish and Game will tell you the kill is a carefully determined number that can be sustained, yet they cannot tell you how many gut-shot caribou there were or how many were poached. There aren't enough enforcement officers (wonder how many $400,000 would fund) to properly patrol a state this size.

But, education and enforcement be damned; Palin owes the BOG a political debt and this little propaganda effort will go a ways toward paying it. If they can keep next year's ballot free of citizen initiatives against the barbarism of airborne killing, then they can continue to mismanage Alaska's wildlife the BOG way instead of in a reasoned and balanced fashion.

If you want to suggest a better use for that $400k, you can always contact Palin at (907) 465-3982 or P.O. Box 110001, Juneau, AK 99811.

Do it soon; it's your money she's spending.

Art Greenwalt

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