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Fortymile Caribou Management a Shining Beacon of Cooperation

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / September 18, 2007

Arthur Greenwalt ("Money for propaganda would be better spent on enforcement," Sept. 9) shows why Alaska has to spend funds to "educate" others about wolf "control." His drivel compounds the difficult job of game management. He shows his attitude toward hunting - having you think hunters poach and gut-shoot animals.

Managing the Fortymile caribou herd is a perfect example of groups in Alaska working together toward a common goal. That goal is a sustainable yield. Read Article 8 of our constitution.

Unfortunately the goal of groups like Greenwalt's is not about sustainable yield. Their goal is to turn the state into a zoo and the people who live here into vegetarians who don't use so-called barbaric acts like hunting.

Alaska may not have enough enforcement officers, but that's because we waste funds on constant litigation from groups like his, Priscilla Feral's Friends of Animals or Tom Banks' Defenders of Wildlife. They use words like decimate, exterminate and wipe out to raise funding for their litigation and lawyers.

Instead of calling Gov. Sarah Palin, call these groups and ask them to work with the Board of Game using the Fortymile caribou herd as a model. Oh, I forgot: These groups aren't interested in working with others who have a different opinion about sustainable yield. While I do enjoy viewing animals in the wild, I also enjoy eating some of them, and that's something these groups just can't accept.

-- Terry Jones

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