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Alaska Politics Seems Driven to Turn Populace Against Wildlife

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / September 10, 2007

Rather than split hairs over whether Alaskans love or hate bears, ("Crimes against bears," Aug. 29), from my many trips to Anchorage, it appears the majority of residents respect and value the opportunity to view bears and moose in Alaska's unique communities.

Recently, I watched a 3- or 4-year-old grizzly bear in Denali National Park as it meandered 15 feet from our vehicle. Denali is world-renowned for managing its campgrounds to minimize the chance of bears associating humans with food.

Perhaps Bird Creek residents who fear bears should take a page out of Denali National Park's book by using bear-proof garbage bins, and procedures for storing food properly so that humans and bears are spared the conflicts that trigger acts of violence. Fencing also makes sense.

Maybe some Alaskans overreact to bear sightings because the last two governors have undermined the inherent value of bears and wolves and schemed to destroy them in increasing numbers. Fish and Game's upcoming $400,000 predator control education effort is the latest in a stream of desperate attempts to convince Alaskans that the state's totally disgraceful, unscientific and unjustified wolf and bear shooting program has merit when it has none.

---- Priscilla Feral, President

Friends of Animals
Darien, CT

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