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Try analyzing the wolf/moose relationship and try to come up with a good reason to kill wolves

Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / August 30, 2007

To the editor:

Seeking a cure for myopia: Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney has taken on the F-22A naysayers in an op-ed in the Daily News-Miner, saying that an early August article in that Alaska newspaper takes a shortsighted view of the new fighter.

The original article quoted critics who called the Raptor costly and unnecessary, writes McInerney, reminding readers that earlier critics said the same of the F-15 during its development. McInerney exhorts us to look beyond Afghanistan and Iraq to other existing and emerging threats, including at least one in our own backyard.

He writes, "The autocratic and vitriolic anti-American Chavez regime (in Venezuela) is fielding advanced fighters that clearly threaten the Air Force's legacy systems." He concludes: "Tactically, we need the F-22 raptor - the greatest fighter in the world. Strategically, we need something to help cure myopia of this sort Š and fast."

It comical to hear that anyone in the News-Miner thinks that they know enough about aircraft to make a comment about a newly developed fighter. It's best that you stay in your own back yard.
Try analyzing the wolf/moose relationship and try to come up with a good reason to kill wolves. In Denali Park there are more than 16 families of wolves yet the moose, caribou and sheep are thriving.

In Yellowstone, the Park Service has acknowledged since the wolves were introduced the ecosystem is greatly improved yet the ranchers are all pushing to again eliminate them. They seem to be as stupid as we are.
Thomas J. Classen / Fairbanks

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