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Bears Killed Not Out of Necessity But Out of Fear, Ineptitude

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / July 22, 2007

Another kill for Fish and Game biologist Rick Sinnott ("Biologist kills jogger-stalking Kincaid bear," June 30). My advice to all the people out there who love bears is until there is a true emergency, don't call Fish and Game.

Two recent bear kills just don't make sense. What? Police killed a bear because it was walking in a residential area? What happened with the trapping method? Couldn't trap a bear? Aren't Fish and Game officials like Sinnott trained in trapping bears?

And yes, we know the meat goes to charity, but with the senseless increase of killings we wonder who gets the bear hides in this deal? Among other body parts. It just doesn't make sense to one who has lived with bears for so many years and never had a kill or incident.

---- Karen Strickland

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