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Problems Continue with Maggie's Right Leg

Paul Joslin / Friends of Maggie / July 8, 2007

Maggie's injury on her right leg is now exposed, and causing her some agitation.  During the one hour or so that I observed her Maggie sucked on her wound with her trunk about a dozen times.  The dark ring around her wound I presume to be caused from the dampness on the end of her trunk.  The sound made during such bouts resembled that of water going down a drain and could be heard at least 100 yards away.  Sometimes there would be a distinct "pop" as she pulled her trunk away from the wound.

Throwing dirt, mud, and dust against her wounds, touching or brushing her wounds are all routine behaviors observed on all days that I have viewed her.  Today is the first time I have seen her suck one of her wounds. 

image005 27.jpg

image006 24.jpg

The small amount of blood visible on the surface I suspect was caused by Maggie's sucking.

image008 13.jpg

Maggie sucking on her wound July 8th

image007 17.jpg

Sucking her wound July 8th

  1006 10.jpg

July 1

I am not sure what is going on with Maggie's right leg.  Are we looking at some kind of zoo administered packing?

1005 10.jpg

Right front leg front view July 1st

1004 10.jpg

Right front leg back view July 1

1001 13.jpg

Right front leg June 25th

image002 38.jpg

Right front leg June 12th

image004 31.jpg

Right front leg June 2nd

image010 6.jpg

July 8th

image009 8.jpg

Maggie brushing the wound on her left front leg July 8.

1008 9.jpg

Left front leg July 1st

1000 15.jpg

Left front leg June 25th

image001 81.jpg

Left front leg June 12th

image003 32.jpg

Left front leg June 2nd

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