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List of Homes for Maggie Narrowed

Megan Baldino  / KTUU-TV / July 11, 2007

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- The Alaska Zoo Board of Directors said it is a little closer to knowing where Maggie the elephant may end up when she leaves the zoo, but they said its going to take time.

After their regular monthly meeting tonight, board president Dick Thwaites said the list has been narrowed from about 80 possibilities to six.

He said now the board is asking the zoo staff to bring them the best three to four options. Thwaites said it's still unclear if a decision will be reached before winter, which has some concerned for Maggie's health.

Paul Joslin with Friends of Maggie said he wants to the see the elephant moved soon.

"We would sure hate to see her go through another winter, it's very important they stay on target here and keep the process moving," Joslin said.

Thwaites said he is in no hurry.

"I don't see we can rush the situation -- that could be very fatal to Maggie. It may mean she has to have some training and she has to be prepared for the trip," Thwaites said.

The board meets again August 8. Thwaites said of the six options, all are located in California, Florida or the Midwest.

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