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Interesting Staff and Maggie Observations

Paul Joslin / Friends of Maggie / July 1, 2007


On July 1st I observed Maggie pacing anxiously back and forth across her outside paddock.  This was the most active behavior I had ever seen her do when on her own.  She will sometimes move rapidly in the company of a staff member.

Repeatedly she kept going to the door of her indoor enclosure, which was closed.  She smelled the air around the door numerous times.  Inside the staff was putting down some fresh hay.  After many repeated visits to the door  she began to bang on the door very loudly, as an animal the size of an elephant can do.  

Interesting Staff and Maggie Observations

A keeper came around the back side of her enclosure and gave her a slice or two of bread.  The purpose seemed to be to draw her away from the door while someone else on the inside raised the door.

Hay and some greens (alfalfa) lay in a large heap just inside the door perhaps 15 feet back.  Maggie fed for a time carefully selecting the greens.  With the aid of her trunk she partially picked up and  partially pushed  the entire pile of hay to the other end of her enclosure which was the equivalent of going from the large entrance hallway, down a narrower hallway next to the treadmill, across one room and through a doorway to a third room.   I wondered if she found it warmer back there.  The outside temperature was about 60 degrees.  It had been raining earlier in the day.



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