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Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / June 27, 2007

To the editor:

I am amazed that this paper, the troopers, or anyone believes all of these bear shooting stories. Even if some are true, we all know these are guys with guns who like to shoot things.

Why can't they just move to one of the 49 states where wildlife has been wiped out already? I will personally help pay for their move! Chickens? A black bear baiting station? Are these men? I am not a tree hugger, but the bears are not target practice toys for these insecure boys!

I have had dozens of bear encounters and by using some intelligence, they are easy to deal with. Bear bait and chickens? So if these "guys" have kids and they cross my property Š can I take action in fear for my property? Come on. These boys should try college or bowling or maybe even hiking instead of their four-wheelers. Put the guns away and get a life! They kill for fun. Think about that. They are not a subsistence living Alaskan who hacks out a simple existence. They are not rugged or a sportsman of any kind!

They are an outsider who found a place with free-ranging targets. Bear baiting Š wow Š what a hunter! Maybe they need hugs or maybe their parents were mean to them, but taking it out on animals will never help them feel like they are really men. And yes this is an opinion. Think that is the point!

Casey Corbin

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